14F Stitch-Bonded Nonwovens

14F Stitch-Bonded Nonwovens

Stitchbond Nonwoven technology is a process that pierces through flexible substrates in the form of nonwovens, films, papers and foams (or combinations thereof) with a series of pointed needles positioned adjacent to each other. These needles then stitch either a simple or complex network of textile yarns into the substrate(s) to form textilenwoven hybrids for a broad array of applications. The stitching either strengthens or reinforces substrates, or brings an extensive number of alternative properties to the resulting composites.

Product Details

14F Stitch-Bonded Nonwovens Fabric For Mattress Use



Colours: White, Black and other colors

Width: 2.8/3.3m

Bar System: Single/Double Bar

Stitch Count: 14, 18, 22.

Thickness: 0.4mm ~ 1.2mm

Texture: Soft, Standard, Stiff


Texture varies from extremely soft to extremely stiff.

Flat surface. The high melting point of polyester fibre makes it suitable for a wide range of printing methods.

Highly compatible production process, various treatment additives can be added to improve the properties of the fabric


Shoe Fabrics



Special Purpose Applications (Ex. Fire Retardant Wire Harness Tape)

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