Hydrophobic Sms Nonwoven Fabric

Hydrophobic Sms Nonwoven Fabric

bule color sms nonwoven fabric

Product Details

Hydrophobic Sms Nonwoven Fabricuse


Specification of sms non woven fabric:

Materials: polypropylene

3 layers: Spun bond+ melt blown+ spun bond

Standard color: white, medical blue, green

Usage: medical field, such as face mask, gown, cap, baby diaper, bedding

      cover, shoes cover, sleeve etc.

Pattern: olive dot

Advantage of sms non woven fabric:


We use high quality and vigin raw matetial to making it,the surface is smooth,the tensile is strong.          


Characteristics of sms non woven fabric :

  • Excellent softness

  • Nontoxic, anti-bacteria, and endurance of corrosion

  • Good Air-permeability and water-repellence

  • High level of tensile strength, and elongation rate

  • Excellent processing capability and heat stability

Application of sms non woven fabric:

1.Sterilization Wraps

2.Surgical gowns

3.Surgical drapes


5.Scrub suit & patient gowns


Contact Way:

Quanzhou Golden Nonwoven Co.,Ltd

Demi Huang

E-mail: golden1@gdnonwoven.com



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