Pp Nonwoven Fabric Roll Textiles

Pp Nonwoven Fabric Roll Textiles Application (1) Medical Treatment and Health : operating coat, protective clothing, disinfecting bag cloth, mask, diaper, duster cloth, wiping cloth, wet face towel, magic towel, Soft towel roll, cosmetics, sanitary napkin, health pad, disposable health cloth,...

Product Details

Pp Nonwoven Fabric Roll Textiles 

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Line of Production

Intake materials—high temperature molten—spunlaid—high temperature hot rolled 

—Cutting & convoluting


100% polypropylene


Technique: spunbonded

Weight range: 9gsm-260gsm

Width:3cm--320cm (can be split)

Embossing: dot

Color: any color are available as customer request


1. Environmentally-friendly, 
2. Good Tensile Strength, 
3. Excellent Soft, 
4. Light weight, 
5. Non-toxic, 
6. Water-resistant/water-soluble 
7. Air permeable.


(10-40gsm) for medical/hygiene such as cap, mask, gown, face masks, foot cover

(15-70gsm) agricultural covers, wall cover,weed control

(50-100gsm)shopping bags, suits pockets, gift bags, sofa upholstery(50-120gsm) 

sofa upholstery, home furnishing, handbag lining, shoe leather lining


Rolled with paper tube inside and Transparent PE bag outside

20' container can load 5-6tons;

40' container can load 10-12tons.


(1) Medical Treatment and Health: operating coat, protective clothing, disinfecting bag cloth, mask, diaper, duster cloth,

 wiping cloth, wet face towel, magic towel, Soft towel roll, cosmetics, sanitary napkin, health pad, disposable health cloth, etc.


(2) Home decoration: wall covering fabric, tablecloth, bed sheet, bedspread, etc.


(3) Garment: lining, fusible interlining, flocculus, shaping cotton, all kinds of synthetic leather base cloth, etc.


(4) Industry: Roofing waterproof coiled material, the base material of asphalt shingle, reinforcing material, polishing material,

 filter material, insulating material, sacks for packing cement, geotextile, covering fabric, etc.


(5) Agriculture: crop protection cloth, nonwovens for seeds breeding, irrigation cloth, thermal insulation curtain, etc.


(6) Others: space cotton, thermal and sound insulating material, oil absorbent felt, Cigarette filter tip, shoe material, etc.

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