Non Woven Factory Supply Spunbonded Nonwoven Polypropylene Fabric

PP nonwoven fabric, also called pp spunbonded nonwoven fabric or tnt nonwoven fabric or polypropylene nonwoven fabric. A polypropylene nonwoven fabric which is excellent in surface appearance and stretch properties and exhibits a small residual strain and excellent adhesiveness to polyolefins.

Product Details

Non Woven Factory Supply Spunbonded Nonwoven Polypropylene Fabric

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What the Details of PP Nonwoven Fabric?

Product name:PP spunbond nonwoven fabric

Material:100% virgin polypropylene





Samples: Available , it is free

Characteristic:PP Nonwoven fabric has bright colors and strong strength, feels very smooth and it’s quite strong.

Nonwoven fabric is a new generation of is a new generation of environmental protection material, waterproof, breathable, flexible, not combustion, non-toxic non-irritating, rich colors, etc.

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What the Usages of PP Nonwoven Fabric?

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1. Health: operation clothes, hat, cap, women's sanitary napkins, baby diapers, wet towel, wipe, sanitary underpants, dust cover etc.

2. Agricultural: harvest cloth, weed control mat, fruit and vegetable cover, seed bag and so on.

3. Industry: floppy disk lining, filter material, sound deadening felt, the sealing ring lining, cable cloth, glass steel reinforced cloth, industrial cloth, shockproof pad, insulation material, adhesive tape base lining, pipe lining, ventilation pipe, sand cloth.

4. Packing: composite cement bag, bags lining, packaging substrate, storage bag, shopping bag etc.

5. Clothing and footwear: clothing lining, flocculus, toe heel lining, lining, underwear, artificial leather, synthetic leather, shoes lining, cloth backing.

What About the Packing and Delivery?

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Inner rolled by paper tubes with diameter 1.5'' , 2'' , 3''.                                                                           

Outer packed by transparant polybag

Loading capacity:

About 5000-6500kg for a 20ft container                                                                                                 

About 12500-15000kg for a 40ft container

Delivery time:   


Around 10-15 days for a 20ft container                                                                                                    

Around 15-20 days for a 40HQ container


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