Hydrophilic Polyester Spunbonded Non Woven Fabric

Hydrophilic Polyester Spunbonded Non Woven Fabric

Item name: China PET Factory And Manufacturers Non Woven Polyester Fabric Weight: 40gsm-240gsm Color: Black /white Minimum Quantity: 1 ton /white, 5 tons/black Regular Width: 1.6/3.2m

Product Details

White Color Hydrophilic Polyester spunbonded non woven fabric  


Features of PET Spunbond Fabric



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High tensile strength; 

Dimensionally and thermally stable, Excellent heat and weathering resistance;

Dyeable, Printable, Weldable, Non-fraying on edges, Mouldable, Performable;

Pleatable, Good adhesion to bitumen where required;

High affinity to coating and easy to laminate;

No chemical binder, Excellent chemical resistance;

Specification of PET Spunbond Fabric

Product Name:100% PET(polyester) spunbond non woven fabric


Raw material:100% polyester polymer


Style:Seasame dot,flat,dot

Weight range:20-150gsm


Melting point:Around 260℃

Application of PET Spunbond Fabric

1.Excellent printing media,it widely be used as the raw materail of various non woven bag.

2.Contrcution/geotxtiles and building materials.

3.Packaging materials.

4.Home textile.

5.Lamination and composite substrate.

6.Backing for automotive floor/automotive materials.

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