Shopping Bag Nonwoven

Shopping Bag Nonwoven

Non Woven Bag Polypropylene Bags For Shopping What The Details Of Non Woven Bag? What More About The Non Woven Bag? Stitching/sewing non woven bag Heat Sealing nonwoven bag/D cut non woven bag Laminated nonwoven bag/Bottle bag HEAT SEALING : Weight can bear about 5kg , looks simple, cheap price...

Product Details

Durable Recycled Non Woven Shopping Bag Nonwoven Bag


1.The ultrasonic wave piercing technology is adopted to save the hand-held position.

2.Technology saving, wireless suture

3.Bonding interface by hot pressing

4.More environmentally friendly and beautiful

5.Novelty does not affect the sense of integrity of the bag

6.Light, portable and easy to carry

7.Low cost 

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The Details Of Shopping Bag Nonwoven Bag

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HEAT SEALING TYPE                            

D cut non woven bag/D-cut with bottom/D cut with side and bottom

W cut/U cut non woven bag/Nonwoven Vest Bag/Non-woven T shirt Bag

Heat Sealing pp shopping bag/Heat sealing with bottom/ Heat sealing with side and bottom

Ultrasonic non woven bag/ Ultrasonic with handle

Nonwoven pouching bag/Shoe bag




HEAT SEALING : Weight can bear about 3.5kg to 5.0kg , looks simple, cheap price but not strong.

STITCH/SWEING: Weight can bear about 8-10kg,looks beautiful, expensive price but strong.

LAMINATING : Weight can bear about 10-15kg,looks beautiful, expensive price but strong.

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Regular gram : 40-60gsm

MOQ:100,000pcs per color

Production :110-120pcs/min

Color: factory’ stock colors, pantone color, RGB, CNYK

Machine: 6 high-speed non woven t shirt bag machine, out put 2x40HQ/month (about 1,200,000-1,500,000pcs/month)

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GODLEN NONWOVEN FACTORY weed out bag quality non woven D-cut/W cut/U-cut bag, 

only supply the good one to customers. Our bags are made of 100% polypropylene raw 

material, never add 1% recycled polypropylene material , so the bags is durable with strong 

tension and tear strength, cut symmetrily ,A young but professional team is ready to servic

you, if not us , who ?


Quanzhou Golden Nonwoven Co.,Ltd

Contact person: Golden-Zoey

Welcome to place orders for the shopping bag nonwoven with competitive price from our factory. As one of the leading manufacturers with over 13 years' experience in China, we'll offer you free sample in one day delivery as well as 24h*7 online quick response.
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