The Bags Are Increasingly Protected By The Baggage Bag

- Jun 20, 2017-

The Bags Are Increasingly Protected By The Baggage Bag


With the green business continues to develop, the use of environmentally friendly bags have been widely widespread. More people by the weight, even the baggage of the bags are not willing to still, we can see China to promote environmental protection, response to low-carbon life has become inevitable.

According to a recent report, Suzhou primary school, first grade girl Wang Jingyi took out a set of pink stationery supplies, two eyes wide stare, do not say a word, but his face is full of joy look. Yesterday at noon, donated by the community of the first batch of learning and cultural and sports supplies sent to the hands of migrant children. 

Then one of the actions of a pupil moved all the big people present: I saw her putting the green non woven bag in a small box and put it into her own bag. Then she picked up the pink stationery and looked at it carefully until all the staff who went to witness the donation process left, she was not willing to tear the transparent plastic paper wrapped in the stationery box.

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Attn: Tina Huang