SMS Nonwoven Fabric Application

- Sep 22, 2017-

SMS Nonwoven Fabric Application

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SMS Non Woven Fabric


SMS nonwoven fabric is the most environmentally friendly non-woven fabrics, has the advantage of  light breathable, soft, antibacterial, colorful , environmentally friendly features etc. To polypropylene as raw materials for making the nonwoven fabric .


In fact, nonwovens from the production process is also divided into many kinds, mostly for agriculture, industry etc. in the medical and health aspects of the application is more extensive.


SMS nonwoven fabric  (spun bonded-melt-spun bonded-nonwoven fabric) non-woven fabrics in the medical application widely , such as disposable environmental masks, surgical clothing, surgical hats, wound care and so on. At present, the raw materials of disposable medical materials are mainly from SMS nonwovens fabric .


In addition, non-woven fabrics as a new generation of environmentally friendly materials, its use is not only medical above.


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Raw material :100% polypropylene spun bond  non woven  fabric

Weight : 10-100gsm

MOQ : 5000kg

Dot pattern :sesame pattern

Width :1.6m/3.2m


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