Pp Nonwoven Fabric For Car Cover

- Aug 01, 2018-

Pp Nonwoven Fabric For Car Cover 


The basic properties of pp nonwovens enable automotive parts to achieve good performance and safety, help reduce vehicle weight, increase comfort and aesthetics, and provide advanced insulation, flame retardancy and water resistance to withstand extreme temperatures. And anti-wear.

The use of nonwovens in automobiles is expanding because they are easy to handle during assembly. They can be tailored to function, using processes such as thermoforming, embossing, coating and printing.

According to data provided by EDANA, nonwovens tend to be 15%-30% lighter than conventional materials, which can reduce the weight of cars by more than 2 kg. The use of nonwovens saves 55 kilograms of CO2 emissions throughout the life of the car.


Good feel and appearance

In addition to being more environmentally friendly, the application of nonwovens can also enhance the aesthetics of the car. Nonwoven technology enables designers to design fabrics that are soft, strong, flexible, and even aesthetic. Nonwoven fabric manufacturers can add stain resistance and even a smoother appearance.

Pp nonwoven's outstanding texture and high functionality have been fully developed in the history of more than 45 years and have been highly praised in various fields, including fashion, home interiors, daily necessities and car interiors. It is widely considered to be a high-grade, high-quality material.


Market research has collaborated and developed a printed ceiling lining with 3D texture to give the car interior a luxurious look. This series of nonwoven fabrics is not only lightweight, but also has excellent wear resistance, durability, and is economically competitive compared to other materials.

These features allow OEMs to no longer be limited to traditional two- or three-layer composite fabric/foam support fabrics, reducing weight, reducing costs, and other benefits of lightweighting.

Because the pp nonwoven 3D look offers unique designs and patterns, this canopy fabric is now the most sought after material in the automotive industry. In the past, due to the high import and other costs and the lack of local production, the choice of these materials was limited, and major Indian car manufacturers had to import these materials. Autotech is fortunate to work closely with its customers to deliver this premium nonwoven to the market, bringing positive change to the Indian market. ”

Similarly, Freudenberg offers a better design opportunity with its unique printed fabrics, thanks to its fact that it transcends the surface of traditional nonwoven linings and is based on Lutrador technology. The spunmelt nonwovens contain up to 90% recycled materials and improve the sustainability of the car, an important trend in the industry.