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- Dec 07, 2017-

New Styles Of PP Nonwoven Fabric

Our company have improved New Designs Of PP Nonwoven Fabric.  At present, we

have new embossed designs, It looks beautiful, coloful, brightly, shinny and fashion, 

we aresure that this new product will have a excellent demands and be sold out in your 



Next, let me tell you the applications of the New Styles Of PP Nonwoven Fabric.

1. Used for making bags: use the new designed pp nonwoven fabric, will make the

bag beautiful and brightly, it is good for selling the bags. And the tear strength for the 

new style pp nonwoven fabric is really good, so it is usually for making bags.

2. Wrapping flowers: Looking the pretty designs, I trust you should understand why I 

said it is suit for wrapping flowers. When you give flowers to somebody which wrapped 

with this fabric, not only the flower attract her, but also the fabric. The fabric have 

characteristics of colorful, shinny and fashion.

3. For making table cloth: The new style of pp nonwoven fabric is non-slip, water-

proof and moth-proof with special embossing, It is a perfect for table cloth. Of course

not only these 3 applications of this fabric, It is have varios of usages, you can try to 

use for else application according to your own market.

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