Heat Seal Non Woven Bag

- Aug 22, 2017-

Heat seal non woven bag




Who am I


The heat seal non-woven bag is made of non-woven fabrics as raw materials,it can be made into different sizes and types of bags.Automatic non-woven bag machine with advanced design process, the production speed, high efficiency,good quality, high bonding strength.


What usage do I have?


1.Packaging: bags, gift bags, shopping bags, advertising bags, cosmetic bags.

2.Clothing: suit bags, advertising aprons.

3.Appliance: non-woven computer sets, TV sets, air-conditioning sets, washing machine sets, dust cover.


What size do I have?


Max Size:42cm(H) x 48cm(L) x 19cm(D)

Min Size:24cm(H) x 24cm(L) x 9cm(D)



What color do I have?

Any Color as your requirement,RGB,Pantone color,Factory Color


How to packing?

200pcs/carton or 500pcs/carton


How many kilograms can I take?

About 3.5kg to 5.0kg




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GOLDEN--Allen Xu

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