Design Of Non - Woven Bags

- Jun 20, 2017-

tnt nonwoven bag.jpg

Design Of Non - Woven Bags

Now is the era of color values hold sway, even in tnt nonwoven bag made above, we also need to meet the needs of aesthetics, because people tend to be attracted to some of the good things, so if we can be of nonwoven bag aesthetically very good, then the degree of welcome is certainly very large. 

Today Xiaobian and we talk about the design of non-woven bags, the general need to pay attention to what the problem is, first choose the color of the above.

Now A lot of non-woven bags look is a walking ad paper, in the beautiful certainly is not enough, we must pay attention to the color above the coordination, can improve the appearance of the effect, followed by the product above the publicity, since the Has been advertising on the above, then there is no effect, it is certainly not work, so we must gather in the top of the product, you can directly use the product icon, this is the most simple and direct way, but the effect is also can not be underestimated, is the last performance of the above, we pay attention to the appearance of light, then ignore them in the Played on performance, it is a slick product.

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