Biodegradable Nonwoven Vest Bags Will Instead Of Plastic T-shirt Bags

- Jul 12, 2018-

Biodegradable nonwoven vest bags will instead of plastic t-shirt bags

    With the world's emphasis on environmental protection, more and more countries will gradually reduce or even eliminate production and sales of highly polluting plastic bags. The new zone of degradable environmentally friendly non-woven vest bags will be fully promoted into the market mainstream, and the future potential is big.

    The non-woven vest bag is a kind of non-woven bag. It plays an irreplaceable role in the packaging industry. Non-woven vest bags exist to replace disposable plastic bags12.JPG



The Advantages of Nonwoven T-shirt bag

    1、Durable, the use of a bag is at least 10 times, of course, the premise is that you can not mention the overweight, if it is used normally, the use efficiency is much greater than the plastic bag.

    2、Style and versatility, most of which are based on supermarket shopping, followed by product packaging. The advertisement is printed on the bag, so that the bag can be beautifully promoted, and the product can be well promoted.

    3、More robust, Traditional plastic shopping bags are thin and easy to break in order to save costs. But if you want to make him stronger, it will inevitably cost more. The emergence of non-woven shopping bags has solved all the problems. Non-woven shopping bags have strong toughness and are not easy to wear. There are also a lot of non-woven shopping bags, which are more durable, more waterproof, feel good and have a beautiful appearance. Although the cost of a single item is a little higher than that of a plastic bag, it is a non-woven shopping bag that can withstand a hundred or even thousands of tens of thousands of plastic bags.