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- Dec 20, 2017-

What’s The Advantages Of Non Woven Cooler Bag?


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Non woven cooler bag has five major advantages:


1. Saving a large amount of plastic bags, to support environmental protection.

2. Clean and healthy, waterproof proof and oil heat preservation, all materials

use the environmental protection material, strong abrasion resistance to fold.

3. Good effect of heat insulation, head out to the food out, is still a steaming,

from food color and luster and tastes can achieve the ideal effect. People work

diet can easily solve the problem, can increase a lot of chance to have a picnic.

4. The price is cheap, can be used many times and general market can buy it

5. It can be used in restaurant for take-out, can also be printed on your own

logo to improve popularity

6. Non woven cooler bags have large and medium sizes for motorcycle, bicycle,

automobile transport and with sports backpacks, school bags, professional gift

and product packaging bags, leisure shopping bag for coller bag model design, 

towards more professional heat preservation bags, more and more for the life 

of people bring the most affordable services.

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