What Nonwoven Fabric You Can Get From Golden Nonwoven Company

- Jan 05, 2018-

According to the production process and material, here are seven types of non woven fabrics. Spunlace nonwoven, Heat-bonded nonwoven fabric, Airlaid Non woven Fabric, Spunbond nonwoven fabric, Meltblown nonwoven, Needle punchbond nonwoven fabric, Stitchbond Nonwoven Fabric.


Golden Nonwoven company is a professional manufacturer supply spunbond nonwoven fabric and stitchbond nonwoven fabric.


PP spunbond nonwoven fabric

PP spunbond nonwoven fabric is made from polypropylene (PP) of high quality, it has excellent performance in moisture-proof, mold-proof, moth-proof, water-proof.
Nonwoven fabric is disposable, durable and reusable fabric
Product Features:

High strength, vertical and horizontal strength difference is small.
Acid and alkali resistant, non-toxic, harmless to the human body physiology.
Having excellent permeability.
Dope dyeing, never fade.
Mildew resistance.

PP spunbond nonwoven fabric.jpg


PET spunbond nonwoven fabric

PET spunbond nonwoven fabric is comprised of 100% polyester filament or polyester blend. Our polyester nonwoven features the characteristics of strength and high density. Golden nonwoven polyester is the ideal material for a host of application needs including industrial filter materials, medical and hygiene products, construction materials, telecom products, agricultural fabric, and more.

PET spunbond nonwoven fabric.jpg


Stitchbond nonwoven fabric

Stitch bond nonwoven fabric is made from the plastic bottles (Polyester), processed into recycled loose fiber (staple ), these loose or staple fibres are made from “plastic“ (Polyester) cool drink bottles these are further separated into :

sprite green staple fibres

stoney beige staple fibres

coke or clear white staple fibres

Polyester stitchbond nonwoven fabric.jpg

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