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- Dec 18, 2017-

What Kind Of Suit Cover Is Good?

Somebody may confused suit cover is non-woven fabrics better, or thickening of plastic?

It is suggested tha suit cover had better choose non-woven suit cover. Why? Non-woven

is a recycled fabric with environmental protection, no peculiar smell, not easy ageing, but 

also have good dustproof function, and thickening of the plastic is easy to be affected with

damp be affected with damp, mildew, worm. Suit cover is used to protect goods, It is able

to protect the surface of the item, It is not subject to corrosion and damage of the outside 

world, so the non-woven suit cover is a better choice.

suit cover.jpg

Suit cover can help you to Sorting your clothes, let your closet looks clean and tidy. And  it 

makes your closet have more space. You don't need to worry the mess of your closet any 

more, suit cover will take care of your closet. Even when you go traveling, suit cover can

become your travel bag to pack your clothes. It is convenient and useful.

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