What is the Materials of Baby Diaper

- Dec 15, 2017-

Everyone know the baby diaper, but what is the material of baby diaper? As an importer or wholesalers for the baby  diapers, how to choose a quality baby diapers? So it is important to know what is the material of baby diapers for every importer or wholesalers.


Now let’s talk about the manufacturing of baby diapers

Baby Diaper generally consists of three main components: surface non woven layer, absorbent core and bottom fabric layer.


Surface layer(Top sheet): In this layer including the surface of nonwoven fabric and anti-side repellent nonwoven fabric.The surface of nonwoven fabric must be super soft as this layer is directly to baby skin. The most important for this part is improving the breath ability of diapers: discharge the moisture and heat in time to protect the skin of baby. 

Absorbent Layer: This layer is the basis for determining the quality of diapers. Simply speaking, the Pulp and SAP quality ensure the baby diaper quality. It including wood pulp, SAP, diversion layer, wet strength paper. this layer is mainly used to quickly absorb, disperse and store urine. The internal material directly determines the quantity of the water absorption.

The more quantity of absorbing water, the better quality of baby diapers.


Bottom Layer: In this layer the main materials is PE breathable film and nonwoven fabric.
PE breathable film is to prevent leakage of urine, the bottom of  nonwoven fabric is to ensure that the breath as much as possible to improve comfort. Determine the permeability is mainly due to the number of ventilation holes in the breathable film.

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