What Is The Heat Seal Nonwoven Bag ?

- Oct 18, 2017-

What Is The Heat Seal Nonwoven Bag ?

heat seal nonwoven bags

The heat seal nonwoven bag production process :

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1. The heat seal nonwoven bags made by ultrasonic welding, eliminating the use of needle and thread,without frequent needle and thread trouble, no traditional line stitching the disconnection of the joint situation,heat seal non-woven bags has neat part of the cut and sealed. Stitching also played a decorative effect, strong sticky,has waterproof advantages , embossed printed very clear, the appearance of more three-dimensional relief results, shipping speed, with good appearance ; quality is also has certification guaranteed.

2.The craft of the ultrasonic process is more refined than the line printed , the angle is made by the machine automatically generated by the mold, the specifications are more standard , without broken seam joints and seam crooked phenomenons.

3. The degree of mechanization of heat seal non-woven bags is higher than the sewing nonwoven basg , the error rate is lower than the sewing, the cost of costs of workers to be lower than sewing nonwoven bags .

4.When the mass production, non-woven bags quantity  more than 50,000pcs a day , the cost of production is much lower than the cost of seam, the production rate is quickly than the seam speed.

5.The use of ultrasonic production of heat seal nonwoven bags of environmentaland eco-friendly, the handle part of the bag and the edge of the mold can be used to suppress the pattern, pattern variety, the product appears high-end beautiful.

6.D cut nonwoven bags and vest nonwoven basg also are the hot sell hest seal nonwoven bags .


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