What is SMS non woven fabric?

- Dec 12, 2017-

What is SMS non woven fabric?

sms non woven fabric

SMS non-woven (the Spunbond + Meltblown + Spunbond Nonwovens) belong to the composite non-woven fabric, spun-bonded and melt-blown composite products, with high strength, good filtering performance, excluding adhesive, nontoxic, etc.At present it is mainly used for medical and health labor protection products such as surgery, surgical cap, protective clothing, wash clothes, handbags, etc.



Application of SMS non woven fabric:


1. (10-25gsm)Thin SMS nonwoven fabric: because it's waterproof and air permeability, particularly suitable for health market, such as sanitary napkin, sanitary pads, baby diapers, adult incontinence of urine trousers and sliding sideways side, and backing, etc.


2. (26-60gsm)SMS nonwoven fabric of medium thickness: suitable for use in medical treatment, surgical clothing, kits cover cloth, surgery, sterilizing bandages, wounds post, plaster stick, etc., also suitable for industry, used for making overalls, protective clothing, etc.SMS products with its good isolation performance, especially after three resistance and antistatic treatment of SMS products, more suitable for as high quality medical protective equipment material, has been widely used throughout the world.


3. (over 60gsm)SMS nonwoven fabric of thick, widely used for various gas and liquid and efficient filter material, is also a good efficient oil absorption material, used in industrial waste water in addition to oil, Marine oil pollution cleanup and industrial cleaning cloth, etc. 


medical nonwoven fabric

Product Details:

Material:PP + melt-blown polypropylene
Weight:10-200 - g/m2
Conventional color:White, other color can be customized
Width:2.5-320 cm (be cut according to customer requirements)
Characteristics:Have high strength, good filtration performance, excluding adhesive, nontoxic, etc
Classification:At (1011) antistatic resistance resistance strong resistance against (antistatic resistance, 109), three (alcohol resistance, resistance to blood, antistatic)
Packaging:inner in paper tube, outside in poly bag