What is PLA material

- Jul 14, 2018-

    PLA is a kind of renewable plant resources (such as corn and straw) to extract starch raw materials, through stratification to get glucose, and then fermented with certain strains to produce high purity lactic acid, finally polymerized directly into prophylactic acid by chemical polymerization. As the raw material of the product, poly lactic acid has antibacterial, flame retardation and excellent heat resistance. After use, it can be completely degraded under specific conditions by the microorganisms in nature, and eventually produce carbon monoxide and water without pollution.


1.The raw materials and cellulose fibers are all from natural plants, and most of them are annual green plants, including corn, sugar beets and cassava, mainly using the sugar of the plant;

2 PLA fibers are as superior fiber like chemical fiber properties and processing performance, with functions of all kinds of effective and stable melting point, at the same time ,can also make it according to need of various functional PA fiber used for special requirement.

3.The biggest characteristics of PLA is that the fiber products landfill composting condition can be degraded into carbon monoxide and 100% water, the whole process of PLA fiber processing, use is low energy consumption、 environmental protection、 recycled、and effectively reduce the carbon emissions, environmentally friendly.

4. Features: high strength、 rapid moisture permeability、 good gloss、 UV resistance、 good flame retardant、no sensitization effect、 low odor residues etc.



Usage :

1. Medical care cloth: isolation suit、protective suit、disinfectant cloth、 mask、diaper、 sanitary napkin、etc.

2. Home decoration cloth: wall clothtablecloth、bedspread、etc.

3. Industrial cloth: filter material、insulation material、cement packaging bag、covering cloth、 etc.

4.Agricultural cloth: crop protection cloth、seedling cloth、 irrigation cloth、etc

5. Others: insulation materials、cigarette filter bags、tea bags、shopping bags、gift bags、clothing linings、etc.


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