What is Non-woven Insulation Bags Cooler Bag?

- Dec 22, 2017-

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Insulation bag/cooler  bag,also known as passive refrigerator, is a high heat insulation, thermostat effect package, more cold, heat preservation, preservation.Using high quality materials, easy to carry, suitable for driving travel, outdoor picnic.The product is EPE laminated aluminum foil reflective insulation layer, providing a good thermal insulation effect.Non-woven Ice bag with stylish appearance, fashionable and easy to clean the bag.


What`s the advantage?


Cooler bag has five advantages as below,


1.Saving a lot of plastic bags,more eco-friendly.


2.Clean, water and oil resistance, in all material environmental protection material, super wear anti-wrinkle resistance.


3.Effective insulation, out of the food come out, it is still hot, from the food color and taste can achieve the desired effect.


4.Low price,It can be used multiple times, the general market can be bought.


5.It can be used for take-away restaurant, It can also print on takeaway personality slogan, enhance visibility.

How long is Insulation time?

Insulation bags generally have a holding time of 6 hours or more, the effect than the traditional ordinary metal incubator and plastic box is good, very easy to use, clean, hygienic.

What material is made of it?

Outer material: 

Mesh double-sided laminated PVC, waterproof and oil resistant, super tensile strength, abrasion resistance, anti-wrinkle ability; 


aluminum foil laminated non-woven or laminated 2mm EPE outside PVC enhanced, Middle folder 8mm ultra-dense insulation cotton; 

Support material:

the bottom of the hard plastic sheet; surrounded by the bottom and 2cm high-density super-hard extruded plate.

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