What is non woven fabric

- Jul 05, 2018-

Non-woven fabric is a kind of new composite material, with characteristics of soft、high strength、sanitation、light、weight、breathable、anti-toxic、free peculiar smell and non-irritant.Widely used in medical、sanitation、industry、agriculture and tourist trade filed.Spinning rolling mechanism and the whole pattern of production firstly realized  "one-and-a-half process" process production material in China.Can not only increase non-woven fabric function but also increase the application area,this kind of production line can economize material,energy saving, more flexible than one-step method and two-step method, the production line is the pioneer in China.


Nonwoven fabric do not need to be woven,but the textile staple fibers or filaments are directed or randomly supported by the formation of anetwork structure,the use of some of reinforcement,such as heat or chemical reinforcement.

Simply say:It is not byinterleaving, a yarn knitting together.But by combining the fibers directly through physical methods.

Nonwoven breaks through the traditional principle of textile with soft, breathable,does not produce lint,tough durable, silky soft,but also the feeling of cotton.

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