What Influence PP Spunbond Nonwoven Fabric Price

- Dec 13, 2017-

Customers are always ask a Lowest price of the nonwoven products from China, but they get huge different price from the suppliers. Here are not only effect by the quality but also another reason.


Here we will talk about the non woven fabric and finished products price, we will show you the costs so that you can know the approximate costs, to avoid to buy a high price or a low price but with low quality.


Raw Material Price Trend


The main raw material of nonwoven fabric is polypropylene (pp) and polyester, pp cost is very  close to petrol price. This is the most important factor for the costs of the pp spunbond nonwoven fabric and products.


Processing Cost

Different nonwoven fabric processing costs is also different, some nonwoven fabric use the same material but different price.


For the spunbond non woven fabric, the processing costs is usually about 2500-3000 rmb/ton.


USD Exchange Rate


The exchange rate also important factor of nonwoven fabric price, do business with China suppliers, not only consider the USD:RMB, but also consider your local currency: USD.  So please check the rate before you import nonwoven fabric.


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