What are the environmental characteristics of non-woven bags?

- Jun 20, 2017-

Non-woven bag itself is a very common environmentally friendly products, it is made by non-woven fabrics, in addition to soft features and breathable characteristics, the non-woven bag is used or the plane structure, so their own tough Sex and durability is very good.From the aspect of modeling, non-woven bags have a good aesthetic characteristics, it can be repeated use, or even can be used in addition to long-term use of the unique function, it is in the application of The scope of the company is also very wide.Many companies or public welfare institutions such as non-woven bags will be advertised as a gift to send because the non-woven bags of raw materials are polypropylene, so and polyethylene production From the plastic bag compared to the chemical structure is very different from the current market among the non-woven bag type selection is very much, such as advertising type, such as the gift type of non-woven Bags, and even a commemorative type of rubber pad non-woven bags and so on.