The use of nonwovens in our lives

- Jun 20, 2017-

Nonwovens are not a cloth, but because it has a similar character to the cloth, it is often used as a cloth. The manufacturer of the non-woven bag manufacturer simply tells us about this particular cloth in our life We use a lot of masks in our lives to make use of this material. Nonwovens masks can reduce the effects of haze on our bodies and block harmful pathogens into our bodies. The bag also has a relatively good quality, its load-bearing ability is very strong, can be very good to meet the repeated use of consumers, pulling the purpose of heavy objects in the medical field, non-woven fabrics can not only be used to produce masks, , The use of this kind of material is also often used in medical products such as isolation garments, etc. Because of the low cost of nonwovens, it is possible to reduce the cost of disposable use and ensure the hygiene of the use. The humidifier considers that compared with other materials that can not be degraded , Non-woven because it can be a good recycling use, so it has a very good environmental characteristics.