The Usages of Polyester (PET) Nonwoven Fabric

- May 15, 2018-

The Usages of Polyester (PET) Nonwoven Fabric

Polyester (PET) Nonwoven Fabric has high strength, high temperature resistant 

performance is good, can be used in 150 ℃ environment medium and long term), ageing 

resistance, uv resistance, elongation rate, high stability and good permeability, corrosion

resistance, sound insulation, moth-proofing, non-toxic. What about its usages?

Polyester (PET) Nonwoven Fabric.png

1, household items: clothing fabric softener and additives, vacuum cleaner bags.

2, package: cable package cloth, handbags, bags, package material.

3, act the role ofing: wall decorative cloth, plastic flooring, electrostatic flocking cloth

at the local level.

4, agriculture industry, agricultural harvest cloth weeds, crop and plant protection, 

protective belt.

5, waterproof materials, high-grade breathable waterproof fabric (wet).

6, industrial application: filter materials, insulation materials, electrical appliances, 

reinforcement materials and support materials.

7, car decoration materials.

8, others: composite film base fabric, baby and adult diapers, sanitary napkin, 

protective equipment, etc., disposable hygiene materials.

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