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- Dec 13, 2017-

The Baby diaper is made up of which parts?

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Baby diapers generally consists of three main parts: surface cladding layer, absorption

core layer and the bottom cloth.          

1. The surface cladding layer

Surface cladding layer close to the baby's body, can make urine rapid infiltration and 

effectively prevent back, diapers has dry surface, Diapers on the market at present is 

basically non-woven surface, breathable non-woven fabric can ascend in the inside of 

the diapers breathable, water vapor can flow to diapers, wetness and heat in a timely 


2. The absorption core layer

This layer mainly is the ability to capture and can quickly absorb the urine, scattered

urineor by capillary action spread it over the entire core layer, eventually absorb and

store in theurine. At present baby diapers absorption core layer on the market mainly 

composed of pure wood pulp (fluff pulp) and high water absorbing resin (SAP) consist

of layered structure.

3. The bottom cloth

Some base cloth is feeling more comfortable with the non-woven fabric, but due to the

price on the high side, the bottom cloth diapers when the market is still mainly consists 

of PE film.

And the details of baby diapers:

Magic/Velcro/PP tapes are all available, it can also customized.

Leg cuff and leak guard strength the side layer pervention

Breathable back breathes out the moisture

Elastic waist baby could move frelly

Blue ADL help to guide thr urine

Soft surface, make baby comfortable, Strong absorhent core in it

Cotton cloth like back: With cotton fabric make the layer softer

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