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- Aug 01, 2018-

The Advantages Of  PLA Nonwoven Fabric 


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1,The raw materials are the same as the cellulose 

fibers,and most of them are annual green plants, 

including corn, sugar beets and cassava, mainly 

using plant sugar. 

2,PLA fiber has the same fiber properties and 

processing properties as chemicalfiber, has various 

effective functions and a relativelystable melting 

point, and can also be made into various functional 

PLA fibers for special occasions.

3,The biggest feature of PLA fiber products is 100%

degradation to carbon dioxide and water under landfill 

composting. The processing and use of PLA fiber is low energy consumption, 

environmental protection and recyclable, effectively reducing carbon

emissions and being environmentally friendly.

4,Features: high strength, fast moisture permeability, good gloss, certain UV 

resistance, good flame retardancy, no sensitization, low odor residue, etc.

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