pp nonwoven flower wrapping fabrics

- Aug 15, 2018-

pp nonwoven flower wrapping fabrics


Brand: Golden Nonwoven 

Color: white, red, black, lake blue. Black purple, light purple, pink, beige. Royal blue, rose red, for customers to choose.


This packaging material is a new packaging material that has been popular all over the world in recent years. It is rich in color, colorful, reusable, foldable and easy to use.

Our factory is directly operated and widely used in various fields such as Christmas, Valentine's Day, parties, wedding decorations, home decoration, garden decoration, etc.

Our company undertakes the production of orders and supports the color setting.

Intention to consult.

About the price: As the raw material price fluctuates greatly, the above price is only for reference. Please consult the customer service specific price before purchasing.

About delivery: This shop supports Zhongtong, rhyme, please contact customer service for details. 

About the color difference: All the product pictures in this shop are 100% in-kind shooting, and the professional designer will correct the picture color according to the product. However, due to different light, angle and contrast of the display, there will be some chromatic aberration, which is not within the controllable range. The color of the product is subject to the actual product. Buyers who are very concerned about the color difference should be careful to place an order.

About return: Our fabrics are cut according to the buyer's demand, so it belongs to the customized products. After clicking the delivery, it means that it has been cut, and supports 7 days without reason to return service. Quality problems include uneven dyeing and holes; due to the particularity of the textile itself, the occasional drawing, skipping, chromatic aberration, washable stains, odors, edge lines and various kinds of imaginary and dislikes Unreasonable requirements are not included in the return range.

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