Nonwoven fabric instead of plastic film, which widely use in agriculture field

- Dec 29, 2017-

Nonwoven fabric instead of plastic film, which widely use in agriculture field



In recent years, pp spunbond nonwoven fabric is widely used in construction, non-woven packaging, medical and health care, is being applied to vegetables, flowers, rice seedling and tea leaves, flowers on the frost damage prevention, replace and make up for the deficiency of the mulch on heat preservation.

Now the non-woven application technology is introduced as follows:


1. Characteristics of agriculture non woven fabric:

Non-woven fabric have good air permeability, moisture absorption and transmission of light in the new cover material, with a cold heat preservation, anti frost, prevent exposure to the sun, and so on.And light weight, corrosion resistance, long service life (4-5 years), storage convenience.White non-woven can coordinate the crop growth microclimate, especially in winter outdoor or greenhouse seedling and the temperature of the vegetable, nursery stock, the relationship between light and pervious to light;Summer can prevent the strong sunlight seedbed moisture evaporates quickly, seedling and vegetables, flowers, such as young seedlings of burns.

agriculture non woven fabric.png


2. Usage of agriculture non woven fabric:

a. Transplanting of garden tree

b. Winter greenhouse, dew seedling use (specifications 25-30g /280 cm) cover

c. Use for ceiling

d. Cover (80-100 g /280 cm) outside the small arch

e. Use for shade

f. Before the cold wave coming,  tea, flowers and other crops are vulnerable to frost, with non-woven fabric cover directly, which can effectively reduce the frost damage loss.