Non-woven bags instead of plastic bags

- Jun 20, 2017-

Non-woven bags are environmentally friendly products, production is developed to replace the plastic bags, the benefits of doing so very intuitive.We all know that non-woven bags can be reused, but the plastic bag because of their own nature, and can not be fully used , The production cost is very low, so the user is also in the use of love is not love, resulting in a lot of waste and pollution occurs on the soil pollution is very serious, how to change the status quo, the best way is to help some of the more environmentally friendly Of the material to replace the use of the country's attention and everyone's awareness of environmental protection, pollution, serious degradation of the plastic bags are constantly out of the market.We now use a lot of plastic bags, in fact, can be a short time degradation of the product. We want to use non-woven bags for a long time, we should pay attention to avoid contact with hard tools, more sharp tools, is the main cause of non-woven bags damage, to always pay attention to protection.