How to wear diapers?

- Dec 13, 2017-

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For the part of the skin where diapers are used, healthy skin should be dry. Wet skin quickly becomes vulnerable, prone to diaper rash. To minimize wetting caused by the diaper, diapers should be changed frequently and diapers with strong absorption should be used. If you use cloth diapers for babies, you should always check and change your diaper more often.

How to wear diapers?


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Gently wipe the baby's buttocks with a baby's wet tissue


Open the diaper, there are waist lumbar part of the pad under the hip, and then fold the first half to the belly.


Pull up the elastic waist waist stickers, according to the positive figures on the scale


Waist elastic can be inserted into a mother's finger is appropriate


Appropriate finishing of the waist and legs of the frill, to prevent leakage and side leakage

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