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- Dec 29, 2017-

How To Increase The Bearing Quality Of Non-woven Bag?

Non-woven bags now are used more and more widely, non-woven bag are needed in 

many occasions . So we have to think about non-woven bags of bearing performance

problems. General non-woven bags can bear the weightof 10 kg, if you want to take

more weight, we should do the following processimprovements, this will increase the

bearing performanceof non-woven bag greatly.   

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    non-woven bags.jpg


1. try to use sewing non-woven bags

Sewing non-woven bag’s bearing performance is much better than ultrasonic hot-melt

non-woven bags. Because the hot-melt non-woven bag only through high temperature 

heat the non-woven fabric together, all the force of will bear on a hot melting point, so

hot melt non-woven bags bearing strong sex is not strong.


2. To do cross processing on the non-woven bag handle

Non-woven bag can bear most of the force in the process of movement on the nonwoven 

bag portable at four points, the bearing performance of bags will enhance if the Bearing

quality of the four points are good and not easy to tear. So we are in the hand do cross 

processing, improve the bearing performance of non-woven bag is very useful.


3. Sewing the handle to the bottom, or the whole circle

Mentioned above ordinary non-woven bag so the center of gravity of the bearing in the 

process of movement on the laptop from the four points, if we sewing the handle to the 

bottom of the bag or bags around the whole circle, this non-woven bag the load bearing

area of the center of gravity will increase a lot of times, the center of gravity not only

supported by hand in four points. Bag will share the center of gravity of the front side 

of the whole, this bearing performance is greatly enhanced.

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