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- Jan 02, 2018-

How to identify the quality of non woven bag good or bad? 

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We have worked on non woven bag this line for over 10 years. We often focus

on the trends of this line and customer's demands and problems on the Internet 

are to further improve our products to meet the requirements of customers, We 

learn that some of customers want to know how to identify the quality of non 

woven bags good or badI think this is a important problem for the customers

who first time to buy the bags.


First think of non woven bag work, without obvious tilt bag, sewing wireless head

jumpline, overall, stitch even close, the needle back to the mouth bring is, surface

smooth without stain, bag body is. The size of the non-woven bag deviation is less 

than 0.5cm. It Is printed edition heart  Angle, up and down on the left and right

distance. Tinted must be accurate, the distance deviation is no more than 0.1 cm. 

Non-woven bags of bearing requirement is 80 g non-woven bag bearing should be

greater than or equal to 10 kg, portable and package edge is strong. Otherwise,

It is not good non woven bags.


Then is the color of the non-woven bag, non woven fabric with color should be bright.

Non-woven bag printing process is better, no matter use screen printing, laminating, 

thermal transfer, printing, color coverage, logo and color and lustre is consistent, 

clearoverall there was no significant deviation Angle, and cloth color contrast. Non 

woven bag should be environmental protection bag, the printing must be non-toxic 



Finally choose non-woven bag factory will have to choose to have a large scale,

formal, technical pass brand, to stay away from small workshops of non woven 

bags, small workshops of non-woven bag no quality assurance.

The above points need to be aware of is the non-woven bag stand or fall of a whole 

evaluation scope, hope to help you. If you are interested in our Non-woven bags, 

pls contact me, my contacts as follows:

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