How to determine the quality of non-woven bags

- Jun 20, 2017-

In our lives will often use non-woven bags, and not in a single style, there are many different changes, not only can be used as a bag to buy food, while the surface of the bag can also design some fashion elements, This will become more trendy.As it is more and more widely used, so the production of non-woven bags of society manufacturers are more and more in terms of quality is also no guarantee that many manufacturers in order to seek benefits, they Will use poor materials to produce non-woven bags, then the production of non-woven bags in the quality of the above will have a variety of problems, the service life will follow a decline in the purchase of non-woven bags, We must choose the regular Kaopu manufacturers, so as to ensure the quality of non-woven bags. Street lamp manufacturers to remind you that we detect non-woven bags, you can through a number of professional methods to detect, you can use water detection, You can also use the fire method, etc., which can detect its quality.