How to Choose a good baby diaper?

- Dec 12, 2017-

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Using airtight or poor quality diapers results in diaper rash.So it is important to choose a good diaper, but how to choose a good baby diapers?

1.Good water absorption

Rapid absorption reduces the chances of urinary and skin contact and naturally reduces the risk of diaper rash in babies; absorbs more to reduce the frequency of changes and reduces the ability to interfere with the baby's ability to fall asleep.

2.Dry without penetration

To choose a dry and impermeable, let the baby sleep do not get wet diaper can not sleep well, can also reduce the chance of diaper rash.

3.Moisturizing protective layer

High-quality diapers usually add natural skin care ingredients to the natural non woven surface to form a soft protective layer with moisturizing ingredients to nourish baby's delicate skin.

4.Leakproof design

Choose a leak-proof diaper to prevent baby's exudates from escaping. At the same time, pay attention to the leg leak protection device is too tight, so as to avoid the baby uncomfortable.

5.Soft texture

Baby's delicate skin, if the diaper is not soft enough, easy to rub with the baby's skin, causing redness, or even wear, texture is also an important choice.

6.Light and breathable

Baby excretion instability, which makes it difficult for new parents to grasp, so in the selection of diapers, but also pay attention to choose a good breathable lightweight diapers.

7.Cut fit

Each baby's body is different, should choose to meet the baby's own cutting design.

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