Hot Pressure Non Woven Bag

- Sep 18, 2017-

Hot Pressure Non Woven Bag

Non-woven bags to pp non-woven fabrics as raw material, it is a new generation of environmentally friendly materials, with moisture, breathable, flexible, light, non-combustion, easy to break down, non-toxic and non-irritating, various colors, cheap prices, With other features.


Handle Bag

Handle Bag With Flat

T Shirt Bag

D-cut Bag


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More than 75gsm

More than 75gsm

More than 30gsm

More than 30gsm


4000pcs/ woven bag

Delivery Time

Around 20 to 25 working days after recived your deposit

Delivery Port


Payment Term


Hot sale  Size

40 x 40 x 16cm

40 x 40 cm

25 x 40 x 12 cm

30 x 50 x14cm

32 x 60 x 16 cm

25 x 35 cm

35 x 40 cm

40 x 50 cm

What type you supplied?

1.Advertising type

Shopping bag advertising can spread business or product service market information. The cost is relatively low.

2.Knowledge type

It is a variety of certain knowledge of the patterns, text, such as the world famous paintings, Chinese calligraphy, printed on the shopping bag. This kind of shopping bags, not only to consumers in carrying goods to provide a convenient, and cultivate people's sentiments, people have a wonderful psychological feelings.

3.Gift type

Non woven are wildly used in gifts packing,when you carried a beautiful non woven bag,the owner is not only a gift, but also some fun in the heart.


This strategy to meet people's commemoration of psychological and honor psychology, so that people in the shopping, there are some new feelings.

5.Simple type

When the customer to buy miscellaneous things, need simple shopping bag dress, if the store can provide a, worry about people, must be welcomed by consumers. Giving convenience, itself is an important cause of promotion.

6.Trend type

People generally pursue a high standard of life, fashion goods leading the moment of consumption trends. When the community what "hot" when the store if the goods pattern, promotional information printed on the beautiful shopping bags, is undoubtedly an important move of the move. When consumers see a hot spot for sale of a store, it also produced a "unstoppable temptation."

7.Antique type

Many high-profile traditional goods, due to the use of materials stress, making season, long history and much consumer favorite. If the shopping bag printed on the ancient and elegant patterns and text, giving a noble and solemn feeling, presumably also cause some consumers to shop fun.

What advantage do you have?

Non-woven bags is a new product instead of white garbage, is environmentally friendly products, is a more common kind of packaging bags, mainly for shopping, packaging, advertising, electronics, clothing, decoration and other products. The most important feature of nonwovens is that it has a plastic product does not have the environmental protection function, its natural degradation time is far lower than the plastic bag, therefore, made of non-woven non-woven bags are also considered the most economical Of the green shopping bags.

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