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 Baby diaper bag manufacturers in china for Africa market

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Baby diaper is made by non-woven, fluff pulp, high polymer water absorbing resin,

PE breathable membrane materials.A special two special children and adult.The

latest research and development of environmental protection can be recycled if 

use diapers, with corn fiber, soybean fiber or buckwheat refined raw materials 


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  1. Bottom: PE backsheet film

  2. Top layer: soft non-woven

  3. middle layer: imported fluff pulp +SAP with high absorption.

  4. Other materials: anti-leakage PE film, left/right tapes, 

  5. Wetness indicator, frontal tape, leg cuffs

  6. Blue ADL layer: Help to guide the urine

  7. leak guard: Leg cuff + leak guards, Prevent side leakage

  8. Elastic waist: Full surround elastic waistband make b

  9. Size:  S: 390x280mmM: 450x320mmL: 495X320mm XL: 530x320mm

 10. SAP: 3 - 9g/pc, or by your request

 11. MOQ: 50000PCS/SIZE

 12. Free samples offered in 3 days

 13. Packing: Inner packed by printed polybags, Outer packed by transparent bags.    


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How do we choosebaby diapers?

1. Close degree: The most basic requirements of diapers is fit the child's little butt.

In addition to choose the right size, the key is the degree of soft diapers, it's need to 

use your face to feel softness of diaper.

2. Penetration: Evaluation in professional institute, the index can be subdivided into 

slippery ooze amount, seepage and leakage amount back when choosing diapers, 

therefore, you need to focus on urine can permeate into the absorption layer, reduce

the child's little butt in urine soaking time.

3. Absorbance: Powerful ability is the key to absorbing layer, whether the absorption

rate, or to prevent sliding sideways are our focus. Theoretically, a use of diapers time 

not more than four hours.

4. Breathable:This is another important point when you choosing diapers, after baby 

micturating, diapers will build a warm and humid environment, unavoidably affect porosity,

immediate consequence children appear red buttock, inflammation or infection. 

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 Inner packed by printed polybags, 

 Outer packed by transparent bags


 About 180,000pcs loaded in a 20ft container

 About 400,000pcs loaded in a 40hq container

 Delivery time: 

7 days for a 20ft container

10 days for a 40ft container


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   Contact person: Golden-Zoey


   Tel/Whatsapp/Skype: +86 15960759756 

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